Re: POP3/SMTP Mail

From: Horacio Diaz Requejo <>
Date: Thu, 8 May 97 11:22:17 CST


    Probably this is not the right place to make this question, but a I'm
   trying to get a generic TCP proxy (SOFTWARE) sinse 4 mouths ago and I
   can't find nothing.

    Actually I'm using IP_masquerade and works great for POP3, NNTP, Real Audio
   and others protocols, but I preferer to use one software like squid. Could
   you recomend some TCP proxy software (Generic) for POP3, NNTP and
   others procotols ??


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You may need to get your net guru to install a pop3 proxy. (Any generic
TCP proxy will do if everyone is calling the same pop3 host)


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