Re: **IP Aliases and Squid**

From: Mark S. Velasquez <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 12:48:07 -0400

I tried this(but it appear to only bind to one address)

>># TAG: tcp_incoming_address
>># TAG: tcp_outgoing_address
>># TAG: udp_incoming_address
>># TAG: udp_outgoing_address

I did this(and it seemed to work, BUT, only for me locally connecting via
proxy. Connecting directly to port 80(where squid is sitting) does not work,
the various virtual www servers never answer)

>Actaully, in the squid.conf file, the " http_accel" tag allows a the use of
>"virtual" for the real_hostname, and this seems to have done the
>trick(crossing fingers).

I'm stumped. Is it possible to use squid-1.1.10 as an httpd accellerator for
multiple IPs on a single interface ?

Any help is appreciated,

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