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Hi Squid Folks,
Hopfully this will be my last time I bring this stuff up. OK Heres the
architecture I would like to use:
Three servers, two have httpd servers with identical content (mirrored), each
one running a Squid cache as an accelerator. The third server is just running
Squid to front end for the two accelerated httpd servers. One httpd server
will be defined as a "heavy weight" parent, the other as a "lighter weight"
Ideally when a request comes into the "front end server" if it cannot serve
the object from its cache, it will try to retrieve it first from the "heavy
weight" parent. If the heavy weight parent does not respond for some reason,
it will try to get the object from the lighter weight parent.
Question 1:
If the heavy weight parent does not have the object in cache, since it is an
accelerator, will it get the object from the httpd server it accelerates for,
or will it reply to the front end server that it does not have it in cache
which would then make the front end cache request it from the lighter weight
Question 2:
Does a parent have to be a "cache"? Or can you define a parent that is just an
httpd server?
Question 3:
Along the lines of question number 2, is it possible to configure Squid to act
as an httpd accelerator for multiple sites (physically independent not
"virtual" sites), and you could define "weights" for the different sites it is
accelerating for? So when a request comes into Squid for an object, if the
object was not in cache it would first try to retrieve it from the heavy
weighted httpd server? Then if that server did not have it, or timed out it
would attempt to get it from the next heavyiest weighted httpd server?
I have successfully set up Squid to act as an accelerator for three distinct
sites, two of them are virtual. so "YES" the
httpd_accel virtual 81
TAG woked just fine, thank you "So K T, CUHK" for the help! Yet can you
define Squid to accelerate for different sites that are not physically on the
same system and are not "virtual sites".
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me answer these questions!!!!!!!

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