Re: That 5% that doesn't send Host: headers ...

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 00:43:59 +0200

Well.. Host: header is actually a HTTP 1.1 thingy.. and there are quite
a number of HTTP 1.0 clients out there..

But is is quite easy to set up virtual servers that don't require the
Host: header, but make use of it if it is available.

Have all servers sharing a single IP in the same base URL tree, and set
up each virtual server homepage to point to the right area. On your
default server, write a small page that lists all the different servers
that you host (linked to their "true" homepages).

Virtual names:,,

Directory tree:
/ Base directory
/abcd Pages for site ""
/efgh Pages for site ""
/ijkl Pages for site ""

/index.html Lists the different areas, with links to
/abcd/index.html Home page for ""
/efgh/index.html Home page for ""
/ijkl/index.html Home page for ""

The base server ( then has the whole URL tree mapped.
Each virtual server only requires their part of the tree mapped, and a
redirect of / to /abcd/ (and so on for the other servers).

Graham Toal wrote:
> I've just discovered who a big chunk of the 5% of sites that don't
> send Host: headers are - Prodigy!
> Oh well, I guess we can live without them until they update their
> browsers :-)
> G
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