From: Paola Tentoni <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 11:34:01 +0200

I'm having a lot of problems with this URL, which give always the same
response message (ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT) through my cache (squid 1.1.0) and
also through all other national cache (1.1.8 and 1.1.9).

The URL is:

But the problem is even worse, because if you go to this URL through the
cache but giving it directly to your browser, it works (TCP_MISS and then
On the contrary if you fill the form that is generating the request:

with a value of
in the first field Autore
selecting the radius "Radice" and pressing "Esegui" you get an
ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT message using the proxy cache, while you get a valid
response excluding the cache (browser "no proxy").

I have also had a look at the debug consol.log (obtained through sigusr2),
but I can't see anything meaningful to me.
I just see that while reading back the FD corresponding to the URL requested
it says:
97/05/09 11:50:50| comm_select: FD 302 ready for reading
97/05/09 11:50:50| httpReadReply: FD 302: len 0. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< zero !
97/05/09 11:50:50| comm_set_fd_lifetime: FD 302 lft 86400
97/05/09 11:50:50| ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT:

This while previously the object was said to be:

97/05/09 11:50:50| comm_write: FD 302: sz 521: tout 30: hndl 40001c9a: data

 I can send the complete log, if requested.

Can someone help me? The problem occurs during a search in a popular
database and we risk to loose some cache users (many) if I can't fix rapidly
the problem (you know, they simply turn the cache proxy off).

Thanks in advance,
Paola Tentoni

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