Problems with Netscape on PCs

From: Kate Patterson <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 08:50:05 +0100

I have been running a Squid 1.1.8 cache for some time now with no
problems, and recently made it available to the public in our department
and encouraged all to use it. We have since found that using the cache
with Netscape 2.x on Windows 3.1 on the PCs causes it (Netscape) to hang
indefinately (Waiting for reply .....) as soon as a link is followed.
This only appears to happen when booted as NFS-networked: if booted as
Novell networked machines they work fine. It also works OK on the Linux
Netscape on the same machines.

On investigation it appears that if you reconnect to the cache during a
session, it works fine for that session - so it's almost as if Netscape
ignores the cache, or vice versa, until explicilty reminded of its
existance. It doesn't trigger an error - it just sits forever.

Has anyone had similar problems, or any solutions/ideas?


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