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From: Dean Grubb <deang@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 10:31:08 +1100

Hi I've got a weird problem...this is probably a freebsd problem but it
causes squid not to run...

I've just built a new FreeBSD box (2.1.5) and everything is ok except
when I went to install squid NOVM.1.10...it kept on giving me errors
saying it could not bind a dns server to FD such and such at

so I checked my local host ip and it is which is weird because
all the other boxes I've built default to I want to
know is how do I change the localhost ip back to
in my sysconfig file looks ok and is the same as my other boxs (which
have localhost

where to I change it?


Dean Grubb
Computer Services
NorthWest Institute of TAFE
Tasmania Australia
Received on Thu May 15 1997 - 17:28:20 MDT

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