RE: FW: squid not caching properly ?

From: Rania Fakhoury <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 12:12:27 +0300

The DNS-request is positive, we keep it for 1 day

Does it matter?

Rania Fakhoury wrote:
> > How do I configure Squid NOT to relaod, even though the client requested to, when the link
> > is down.

I heard a possible reason of the problem:
Do you have a nameserver on your local system? Squid needs to access one
to identify the objects
if no: That's your problem. No access to a nameserver, no objects.
if yes: How long does it keep (positive) DNS-requests?
         (If squid doesn't get a positive DNS reply it won't get the objects)

I don't know exactly why squid needs a DNS, but that's what I've been
told. It sounds quite logical. I'm running Linux 2.0.25 and squid 1.0.20
here. When I cut my PPP-connection, I still can retrieve the URLs I
visited before, but when I reboot, that's gone. I have to get a new
ppp-connection to get them again.(But squid STILL loads from Harddisk)

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