RE: FW: Squid on Solaris 2.5 x86

From: Rania Fakhoury <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 16:26:13 +0300


What I mean, if I want to move squid from LInux to Solaris x86, does the performance increase. Squid is better on Solaris than linux. Any pb with squid on Solaris X86?


> Hello,
> I want to check if anyone has encountered problems running Squid on Solaris x86, or is there issues we should consider before we move Squid to Solaris x86.
> We have currently squid 1.1.10 running on Intel platform (256 MB RAM) with 13 G HD.
> Any help will be appreciated.

I assume your using some form of disk striping. If so, ensure the interlace
value is small. i.e. 4 to 8k
This is required to ensure balancing of writes across all disks for small

Peter Marelas

Phase One Interactive - Sun Solaris (SPARC/x86) Consultant
P.O Box 549, Templestowe 3106 Melbourne, Australia
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