a few suggestions..

From: Antti Rytsola <antti@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 23:36:56 +0300

        Hi. Here's a few suggestions to Squid:

        It could be useful to rewrite the expiration rules a bit:
        For example, if object has been requested several times it
        would not be removed from the cache as soon as some other
        object that has been requested almost the same amount of time ago
        but with only one hit.
        I mean, if object gets hit it would stay longer in the cache
        than other objects that have only one hit, even if the popular
        object hasn't been requested for some time now.
        (A bit complicated, uh?)

        Also, it could be useful to be able to configure parent not
        to cache the information they supply to another squid.

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