hot wo remove an object from the cache?

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 29 May 1997 13:00:00 +0200

Hi Squiders,

I am sure somebody asked this before - but I found nothing in the FAQ and
nothing in the searchable archive at :(

Sometimes it happens that a user requests a big file from the cache and
the transfer (o-site to proxy) aborts ant the objects is in the cache, but
it is not complete (very stupid on such big files like i.e. NT SPs ...)

So, how can I remove such a broken object form the cache ?

In the Developers to-do list I read in the "Compeleted Items" - section
"remove object from cache manager" - but in my cachemgr (1.1.10) I can not
find such an option (?)


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