RE: Squid is OK, but which UNIX for high loads?

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 03:04:41 +0200 (GMT)


You Wrote (aeons ago)
1. Squid's response time increased dramatically. Telnetting to port 8082 =
(the cache port) takes 3-4 seconds on the command line for the =
"Connected.." string to appear.=20
2. Even when connected, Squid takes 3-4 seconds to retrieve even cached =
memory is abundant (I always have 70-80 Megs free physical RAM) and CPU =
load rarely goes beyond 1.
I want to keep my existing hardware, which leaves me with 2 choices: NT =
and Solaris x86 (Don't want FreeBSD)

From what I know about solaris x86 it sucks. (Someone called it
"the OS that falls over faster than light") I might just be biggoted tho.

I found that our linux boxes started lagging whenever the load went
above 1.... this was especially true if you had a rubbish disk controller
(read ide), even with a large amount of ram.

You might want to give NOVM a try, since that's what we run and it seems
fine for us... we are using scsi tho.

Is squid not logging anything about the number of filehandles in use? It
might be that it's refusing the accept queue for a while because it's
running out of filehandles...

Also - try run vmstat 1 when it does this, and see from the second line down.
It might be spending huge amounts of time in system wait...

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