Re: All available proxies are in use ...

From: Jeremy Bishop <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 11:37:15 +1000 (EST)

Andy Lee <> writes:
> Im running squid 1.1.10 under Aix 4.2.1 on a 3/90 with 64MB memory
> Occasionaly netscape get users get
> All available proxies are in use
> message. Is there anything I should configure on AIX ?
> (It's a new install with max users processes set to 100)

I've seen this with squid running on a Solaris server - in my case
it was due to Squid (1.1.6NOVM) dying with a segmentation violation;
the netscape message appears during the time that the new squid is
starting up and reloading. Check your cache.log when this next happens.


Jeremy Bishop 
Australian Unix User Group (AUUG) Canberra Chapter
Received on Sat May 31 1997 - 18:43:19 MDT

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