Help in configuring & FreeBSD problem solution...

From: Helio Coelho Jr. <>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 13:49:32 -0300


    How can I define in squid.conf that all the requests for my domain to
be handled direct ? Even if I set an access list, squid tries to retrieve.
I'm using .htacess files in some directories, so they can only be reached
by some ip addresses.
The http log files shows that my proxy is always tring to retrieve, so
apache always return access denied...

I was having trouble running squid in a 2.1.7 FreeBSD box. But a friend
send me the solution: remove all the -lresolv in Makefile 'Extra Libs'.
Now it's working fine... The problem was that when starting squid
it dies complaining of DNS lookup failures...

Thanks a lot !!

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