Re: restricting sex oriented material

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 10:53:59 +0200

Martin Gleeson writes:
> On 4/6/97, Paul Rolfe wrote:
> >At 04:29 PM 4/06/97 +1000, you wrote:
> >>On 4/6/97, Paul Rolfe wrote:
> >>>At 02:09 PM 4/06/97 +0800, you wrote:
> >>>I was more implying for lower grade schools, where the parents may be
> >>>concerned as to what little Johnny is managing to find on the net at school.
> >>
> >>Then parents should spend the same money on supervision that is wasted on
> >>trying ineffectively to block out the naughty bits. Education works, whereas
> >>censorship doesn't.
> >
> >Parents cannot supervise their kids whilst at school, and it is very hard
> >for a single teacher to police 15 or 20 kids on individual machines.
> Then manage the supervision better. You should be able to get 2 supervisors
> for the same you pay to one programmer to chase their tail finding naughty
> sites.
> This is getting into the same old circular arguments, and squid-users is
> really not the appropriate place for this discussion.

Agreed. Hopefully this will summarise

Just on a further note: a group called basically does this as
a job, hiring people to go searching the net for this trash (interesting
job ;) so that they can offer it as a service to schools and so on.
The use a modified squid to handle the number of sites they block.

They have a list of 180 000 sites that have "dirty pix/bomb-details" etc.

If you manage to get them to reply to your email, good for you. I haven't.
(except to say "sure, someday)

basically: There is no chance in hell that you are going to block all of
the sites unless you spend a lot of money on people trying to find all
the sites, and even then you can't be sure.

You can buy the software/list from a company like and get
a damn good list. Feel free to do so.

You can, though, block quite a few sites with regular expressions, but
you will never block them all, and you will probably break things like
pages that reference sussex (didn't netnanny have this problem?)

Anyway - enough of this now... time to go to private email.

(of course you could do 2 things - write a search engine that starts off
at "known porn sites" and then traverses the "porn web" and logs each url....
but this definitely isn't a squid-users topic)

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