Re: Please STOP the thread 'Restricting sex oriented material'....

From: Terry Wood <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 17:48:48 +1000

At 09:31 5/06/97 +0200, you wrote:

>When I added to this list was with the intention of getting some info
>about Squid, use, configuration and troubleshooting.
>This thread is really boring and is a very large Off-topic. In my
>oppinion this kind of threads should be discussed out of this list.


This list DOES have a lot of informative information, but you have probably
joined in to see a thread being carried on for some time. I for one am not
interested in the porn issue (i like nice t&a like most people :) but I AM
interested in the thread for the opinions of other people and how they deal
with this situation.. I was thinking of placing restrictions on my system
to (try) stop anyone dl things thats are a major waste of b/with
(porn/warezz/etc) and its interesting to see how people do it on their
system. I am also interested in stopping sites that are remote from my
system accessing pages unless they are in .au, but thats another problem,
and not to do with squid :)

If you dont like a thread, or it doesnt interest you, take a seat on the
bench and wait for something that does interest you.. There have been
things that have been of no/little interest to me, but just because I dont
like it i dont open my opinion to the mailing list. Have some patience is
all im saying and think of others.

Squid on.

Catch ya,
          Woody <>

Terry J. Wood,
Located at Traralgon, Gippsland
Country Victoria, Australia
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