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From: Fernando Caba <fcaba@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 17:40:00 -0300

Hy squid users!

                I have some problems with squid-1.1.10 in Linux 2.0.30.
We have two proxies in a hierarchy configuration. The first proxy (proxy-http) is the proxy that use all users in my university. The second proxy is another proxy to intend increase our proxies capabilites (parent of the first proxy and
conectted to our Internet provider, they are parent of our second proxy).
                The first problem is when any user in Netscape press the reload button, the first proxy (proxy-http) request the page to the second proxy, and this request to the provider too. Why don't any of the two proxies cached the pages????!!!!!

                I suppouse that the page would be cached in the second proxy, and it is not necesary to request the page to the provider. I think that I was made a mistake in the configuration files or in the refresh pattern, because any page that I download to my pc, is cached in the proxy. When I request a page without press reload, the page is quickly download from the proxy, but when the reload button is pressed (a few seconds later the page is not so old!!), the page is request from my provider, What's happening with squid???
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