Re: Fernando Caba's question

From: Anthony DeBoer <>
Date: 5 Jun 1997 21:08:25 -0000

Fernando Caba <> writes:
> The first problem is when any user in Netscape press the
> reload button, the first proxy (proxy-http) request the page to the
> second proxy, and this request to the provider too. Why don't any of the
> two proxies cached the pages????!!!!!

When you hit reload, Netscape adds a "no-cache" tag to the request, saying
it wants the original page, not the version cached on any intermediate
proxy. It's the user's way of saying "I think this page has been modified
since I first loaded it". This can be very useful when you have a telnet
window open to edit HTML source and you want to see what you've accomplished
so far.

If you load a page just once (provided the URL doesn't have any "cgi" or
"?" in it), then walk over to a second workstation and load the same
page, your Squid logs should show the second machine got the cached copy.

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