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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 97 16:05:04 PST


Squid and Socks5 are not in parallel roles in our network.

Squid and socks5 are in different machine. Socks5 is the only one allowed to
access to Internet. Client's access should go though proxy first and then
redirect to socks5 server to Internet.

Socksify squid is the way I want.

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Subject: Re: squid and socks5
Author: David Richards <> at ccgate
Date: 6/5/97 4:06 PM


 You could set up the SOCKS 5 clients so that they don't redirect
to the SOCKS server when they talk to the proxy. OR, even better, you set
up a redirection rule (client-side) that says, anything in your domain ->
do not redirect via the SOCKS server. If there is no SOCKS client running
on the proxy machine, all will work fine. This basically means that the
proxy and SOCKS server run in parallel, if the client ( let's say
netscape) sets up to use "No Proxies", then the requests will go via the
SOCKS, and all will be taken care of.

 We are going to be implementing a very similar process here at
this university in the coming months. We have begun the process, we have
a prototype running very well......finger crossed! :-)


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On Thu, 5 Jun 1997 wrote:

> We are going to use squid behind socsk5 server. Could someone show me how to
> achieve this goal in detail.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jack
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