Re: Squid is failing? Help!

From: Marc Delisle <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 08:25:02 -0400

Brian Rankin wrote:
> I've installed Squid 1.1.10 on a Linux box. It _seems_ to be working OK
> - but fails this test: I telnet to the Linux box from my Win95 PC & tail
> the access.log; then I will cut & paste a URL someone is visiting into
> my Netscape browser, and go that web site. The access log shows the
> entry for my machine as a TCP_MISS/200 and goes directly to the site.
> Shouldn't it record a HIT and grab the page from the cache?
> I don't think I'm seeing much benefit here! Seems to me Squid should
> instantly send me the cached page.
> Sincerely,
> Brian Rankin

I guess the URLs you tested were not cached, due to some options
of squid.conf, for example cache_stoplist. But I can assure you
that Squid works :)

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