Squid causing memory paging at start

From: Juan Carlos Leon <jleon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:24:26 +0500 (GMT)

I just noticed a strange behaviour of squid. I have squid running in a
SparcStation 5 110Mhz (Netrai 5) with 64Mb of ram. If I stop squid and
restarting it will start causing a fair amount of pages to be loaded in
memory, disk activity raises to over 400Kb read per second.

Since I have only one disk in the system this slows down the entire
machine. My first impresion was that it was reading something from the
cache but vmstat showed that most of this disk activity was caused by
pages of memory being read into memory.

This behaviour continues for about 10 minutes and stops. During and
after this squid works as usual. If I stop and restart it will do it

One more thing, while debugging this situation I discovered that if I run
certaing commands, like iostat -x 5 or if I tail -f one of the log files,
all the squid processes dissapear like if you kill -9 it. There's no core

Any clues?


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