Re: hierarchy_stoplist affects caching?

From: Peter Eisenhauer <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 08:21:36 +0200 (MET DST)

>>>>> "Jamie" == Jamie Wilson <> writes:

Jamie> Hi,
Jamie> Some requests for sites local to us hit our proxy, so I have added the
Jamie> relevant domain names to hierarchy_stoplist to stop them being fetched from
Jamie> parents - so far so good.

Jamie> However, despite the objects being cached, and having an expiry of "NEVER",
Jamie> subsequent requests for the same objects are logged as TCP_MISS', and squid
Jamie> goes off and gets the object again.

Jamie> Any clues? I'm sure it's something simple...

Jamie> ...j

Jamie> ---------------------------------------------------
Jamie> Jamie Wilson
Jamie> NetChannel UK tel: +44 (171) 591 7000
Jamie> CGI Developer fax: +44 (171) 591 7001

You should use cache_stoplist or cache_stoplist_pattern instead of
hierarchy_stoplist (see comment in squid.conf).

Some simple example:

cache_stoplist_pattern/i ^[a-z]+://[^./]+\.mydomain\.com
cache_stoplist_pattern/i ^[a-z]+://[^./]+/
cache_stoplist_pattern/i ^[a-z]+://[^./]+$

(well, may be not that simple). This will prevent objects from domain and local names (for example http://www/...) from being cached.


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