Re: sibling Access Denied Error

From: A.R. Cache Op <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 19:04:14 +1000

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Steve Judge wrote:

> At 01:44 PM 6/12/97 +1000, you wrote:
> I can get to it from here ok, it gets it from
> cache for us.

        I never said there was anything wrong with the URL and I can give
you a file of places which have returned exactly the same message. ALL
clear when you hit RELOAD, but that is not the point.

> it sounds like the cache site thats returning the message to you:
> Generated by squid/
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> is denying access to everyone apart from their own site. Our cache is set

        No they are not, we have a peering relationship with CIA and quite
a number of other ISPs. 99.9% of requests work, we (all) occationally
get this message being returned back from each others severs on
different pages at different types, all while our log shows a SIBLING_HIT
for the object.

        Looks like some type of gremlin/bug to me.

        'C' ya ...

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