Re: cache checking algorithm question

From: Anthony DeBoer <>
Date: 12 Jun 1997 15:34:27 -0000

Graham Toal <> writes:
> > Add routes to his network's routers for your mci cache... this way if they
> > send packets to/from it they will travel via your network...
> > munge munge kludge kludge
> I don't think this is possible; you can only tell a router the
> next-hop address for a static route and we're not the next hop
> away from him; sprintlink is. Unfortunately our networks are both
> statically routed so doing it properly is not an option,

Depending on the hardware you're using (this could be dirt-cheap if
you're using commodity PC hardware) you could simply add another
ethercard to the Squid server, giving it an address on the Sprintlink
side. Make sure you have a route defined out that card to your friend's
network via the Sprintlink router, and leave the default route pointing
out the original card at your MCI router. Let him use the new address
as a sibling; traffic both ways should take the short route through

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