Re: Squid causing damage ?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 19:18:15 +0100

At 13:28 13/06/97 -0500, Mario de Mello Bittencourt Neto wrote:
> I have one machine running squid-1.0.22 that crashed recently.

Ye olde squid 1.0? Hmmm... Its worth taking the time to upgrade to 1.1,

> Looking at the syslog I found a lot of messages like :
>Jun 13 11:37:32 baco squid[2231]: [13/Jun/1997:11:37:32 -0500]
>disk.c:203:^I file_open: error opening file
>/home/www/cache/76/9876: (13) Permission denied
[more snipped]
>Until finally a
>Jun 13 12:05:01 baco kernel: Kernel panic: VFS: LRU block list corrupted
>What does this mean ? Is it possible that squid has caused such kernel
>panic or the contrary ?

The contrary. It looks like your file system is screwed for some reason.
Make sure your system did a full fsck when it restarted (it probably did
after a kernel panic). Or better still make sure the disk is mounted
read-only and run "e2fsck -c" which will look for bad blocks on your disk
and mark them unusable. The errors are probably a sign of your disk being
about to give out, so you may want to consider getting a new one if this
happens again.


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