connection reset by peer

From: Vladimir Mendelevitch <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 16:14:05 +0400

I have a problem with squid v 1.1.10.
I receive a message "connection reset by peer". And if i make a reload of a page, i may, or may not receive a page.
Another problem is stopping downloading. I download a file. And if connection is not good file stop to downloading without any comments. And i receive a broken archive. And i can't reget it. If i retry to receive this archive again i receive it exactly to position i was. I use ftpget for a downloading operation. Can i disable caching ftp protocol - only proxy enabled?
A third problem.

Look at this:

acl 1_3 src
acl 1_6 src
acl 1_7 src
acl 1_8 src
acl 1_9 src
acl 1_10 src
acl 1_11 src
acl 1_12 src
acl 1_13 src
acl 1_14 src

acl 2_2 src
acl 2_3 src
acl 2_4 src
acl 2_5 src
acl 2_6 src
acl 2_7 src
acl 2_8 src
acl 2_9 src
acl 2_10 src

#acl groteck_1 src
#acl groteck_2 src
#acl hedgehog src
acl external src

acl SSL_ports port 443 563
acl Dangerous_ports port 7 9 19

http_access deny manager !localhost !hedgehog
http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports
http_access deny Dangerous_ports

http_access allow 1_3
http_access allow 1_4
http_access allow 1_5
http_access allow 1_6
http_access allow 1_7
http_access allow 1_8
http_access allow 1_9
http_access allow 1_10
http_access allow 1_12
http_access allow 1_13
http_access allow 2_2
http_access allow 2_3
http_access allow 2_5
http_access allow 2_6
http_access allow 2_7
http_access allow 2_8
http_access allow 2_9
http_access allow 2_10
http_access allow external
http_access deny 1_11
http_access deny 1_14
http_access deny 2_4
http_access deny all

This doesn't works.... 1_11 and 1_14 CAN connect outside network. Where is a problem?

Thanks for advance.

                                        Vladimir Mendelevitch.

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