Source of ICP_QUERY UDP-MISS request logged?

From: Steve Ollis <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 09:48:46 +1000

When configured in a multiple host hierarchy, is there a way (or does Squid
do this already) for Squid to utilize ICP_QUERY UDP-MISS information to
improve the neighbor selection algorithm? When Squid does ICP_QUERY does it
send to all neighbors simultaneously, or walk the list, and block until

For example, if one of my siblings uses ICP to see if my cache has a URL,
and I return a UDP-MISS then I don't have the URL cached locally, and the
neighbor will either request the URL via its own parent hierarchy, or
retrieve it locally. In either case, that sibling now has a `recent' copy
of that URL. If a client of my proxy requests that URL, squid will utilize
its own hierarchy structure to retrieve the URL, or retrieve it locally.
Using the ICP_QUERY MISS information, it can be imputed that the sibling
who originally requested the URL has a higher likelihood of having the
requested URL, and therefore can best service the request.

Of course, this logic is entirely out the window if the sibling is

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