From: Basil McCrea <mccrebsi@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 12:59:47 +0200


A a question in passing. I been using Squid for a few weeks (replaced cached) and
am v. satisfied with it. But some users have commented that when accessing ftp
sites the icons for directories, files etc. are missing, i.e. they just get the symbol
that the browser displays for missing icons, gifs...

The html source code created by ftpget has lines like:

<IMG SRC="internal-gopher-menu" ALT="[DIR] "> incoming
<IMG SRC="internal-gopher-menu" ALT="[DIR] "> outgoing

Can I get the icons from somewhere or have I compiled Squid incorrectly?

Personally I won't care, but some people want pretty pictures.


Basil McCrea

INA Schaeffler KG
91074 Herzogenaurach
Received on Tue Jun 17 1997 - 04:03:05 MDT

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