Re: normal hit-rate (was: parent-neighbor stats)

From: A.R. Cache Op <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 01:03:02 +1000

On 16 Jun 1997, Stefan Monnier wrote:

> what kind of hit-rate do you usually get ?
> PS: of course, it depends a lot on your setup and on how you count

        This is something I would like to explore to get a better handle
on what makes a good sized setup. One important thing I did find was
that the daily throughput of the cache was also fairly important in how
many hits you get. The more "days" of storage you have the better it
seems to be.

        We have had a 6 Gig cache for a long time and were getting around
45% hits according to the cachemgr.cgi. As we started getting more users
and our volume of data went up we found that hit rate going down and down
to about 35% when we were running about 1 to 1.2 gig per day through the
server. Semi-recently we've started using the script which
gives back "byte hits" and found that the byte hits are usually 5-10%
lower than the hit rate shown by cachemgr.cgi.

        We have now implemented a second cache of 12 Gig and that is
about 1/2 full now and running at 35% hits, 25% on byte hits. Its
probably running a little low on percentages because it doesn't cache
.com sites, we're splitting the load between the 6 & the 12 Gig cache.

        Does anyone out there have a "really large" cache ?
Say 20+ Gigs? What hit rate do you get and what is the volume put
through it each day ?

        Does anyone have more compairison information for things like
having 1 large central cache or say having the disk space split between 3
machines which neighbour each other.

        'C' ya ...
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