Re: a question regards to telnet

From: David Richards <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 16:07:32 +1000 (EST)


        Of course it is possible. Anyone can telnet to any port, on any
machine. ( more or less ).

        If you have a server process, let's say Squid, running on port
3128. You can telnet net to this port, if you give the server what is
wants, like a http request, then it will pump into your connection the
appropriate response data.

        If you don't believe me, try it! :-) Just type in the following:

                $telnet 3128

        Then type: wdsfwsadfwsafdsfd
        Press Enter.

        then you will get a html document pumped into your window.
Something along the lines of, Invalid HTTP request.

        Pretty kool, huh?


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On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Julie Xu wrote:

> Our squid proxy server is in the host which there are no other users or
> clients in it. but yesterday someone has successfully telneted to this
> host. My question is if it is possible that squid allowed some type of
> telnet?
> Any comments will be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Julie Xu
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