Re: Performance issues(Linux Filesystems)

From: Simon Amor <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 11:09:19 +0100

Oskar Pearson wrote:
> > ->Is anyone developing some kind of "Multimedia Filesystem" for Linux,
> > thinking in squid as a potential use ??
> hmm - there were thoughts about creating a "huge file" that had it's
> own internal squid-specific structure to get around the lag that you
> get when you "open" and "close" files... there were various problems
> with this...

DNEWS (a caching news proxy with prefetching etc) stores the news
spool in larger files than INN by putting about 100 articles into
each file - I don't know anything else about how it works, but I
guess this sort of thing might work with squid. You'd have to have
some kind of indexing function so that information from the same site
was stored in one file and squid kept say 10-15 files open at any one
time, closing the least recently used when it had to open another.

Just an idea, I'd not fancy implementing it.


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