Installing Squid on a TCP Port other than 3128

From: Samath Wijesundera <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 13:29:56 +0000

Dear Duane,

Thanks to the squid developers Installation of Squid is fairly simple. But
if you need to install it on a different port other than the default port,
eg: 8080
you need to be careful.

Of course the squid.conf can have the following TAG and squid start working,
(Or even there is a
        http_port 8080

But its support programmes such as
        cachemgr, client

will not work properly.

If you do the compilation after changing the following in the configure command
        if test -z "$CACHE_HTTP_PORT"; then
then everything seems to work fine. (Where is CACHE_HTTP_PORT defined I do
not know ?)

Du, I think it is important to indicate this information to the users in the
FAQ or in the INSTALL - file
or may be you can have something like,
        --prefix=http_port 8080
or you must have all these important variables in a list at the start of the file,

Or the way you think is best ! :-)

Thanks Du,

- Samath
Sri Lanka
Received on Sat Jun 28 1997 - 00:41:29 MDT

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