Re: domain names with _ problems

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 09:43:46 +0100

At 10:15 PM 6/28/97 +0200, alex wrote:
>Hai squiders,
>I've discovered a problem when squid (1.NOVM.11) must lookup domainnames
>with a _ (underscore) in the name. It returns with a lookup failure and
>says the name is invalid, non recoverable errors.
>When you try the domains directly it works 100% ok, so it must be squid
>causing the trouble.

I tried it here (squid.1.NOVM.11) and it runs like a breeze. I think you had
a dns time-out or a faulty dns-setup.

>try it with the following URL:

Marc van Selm
NATO C3 Agency
Communication Systems Division, A-Branch
Received on Mon Jun 30 1997 - 00:49:50 MDT

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