Re: How to tell that my cache is overloaded...

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 97 10:43:14 +0200

On Friday 27 June 97, at 18 h 27, the keyboard of Nigel Metheringham
<> wrote:

> I'd like a list of things to watch so that I can tell when our cluster of
> cache machines is running out of steam. What points, other than general
> response time, which tends to depend very much one what you are looking

It seems that response time is THE main parameter to watch since this is
why we use caches in the first time! (To surf faster.)

We monitor the response time for a file which is already in the cache
(otherwise, you depend on things you do not control like the speed of the
remote links). This is the main criterium of the load of the cache. We
monitor other variables only to know WHY it becomes slow (watch
everything which is memory-related like the page faults, since Squid is
greedy, watch the network interfaces, the disk subsystem load, etc).

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