Re: Frequency of reboot?

From: Apiset Tananchai <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 21:21:42 +0700 (ICT)

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Tom Minchin wrote:

> > How often should the machine running squid be rebooted? Is there any
> > advantage/disadvantage to rebooting daily?
> >
> When your cache gets bigger, stopping and starting Squid means that it will
> take around 4 hours to load in the metadata (load average of 1). The cache
> is also visibly slow during this time.
> It's very frustrating when other people reboot the proxy servers, saying "oh,
> it seemed a bit slow, but it didn't help, now it's even slower". aargh.

I never roboot the server(except for a power failure) but restart squid
regularly instead (once a week). I have to do this since there was a bug
in older squid that cause it constantly grow in memory. Since then, I
never remove a restart cron from my crontab. If you think that your squid
process is too big (memory leak or something) restart will help you.

My server takes not more than 5 mins to restart if it was shut down
cleanly. Tom, are you shutdown squid before restart? A simplest way is to
send a TERM signal to squid process and wait until it terminate. If you
start from RunCache, it will restart squid in 10 seconds.

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