Re: Frequency of reboot?

From: Julian Anderson <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 14:03:20 +1200

>Hmm Just some feedback here
>on a complete shutdown and restart,
>our squid
>10 Gig hdd (1 drive)
>128MB Ram
>takes about 20 Secs to restart, it operates fine while reading the data
>But on another note
>before we loaded the additional 64MB Ram it used to be unusable for about
>40 Minutes.

We're getting similar figures, but it isn't in the restart time that
you take the hit. Our cache (Digital Alpha, 512Mb RAM, 8Gb cache
disk; typically 1Gb/day traffic) takes an immediate dive on hit rate
after restarting. We typically see the hit rate fall from around 22%
of bytes to 13% for the day after the restart.

Since we're paying per megabyte, each restart costs us typically
around $70 in lost cache hits. Daily reboots are not an option :-).

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