Re: Problem with compiling squid...

From: Matthias Bolten <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 15:36:21 -0700


Thanks for your fast answer!!!

On Jun 30, 11:40pm, furio ercolessi wrote:
> Subject: Re: Problem with compiling squid...
> To install a reliable gcc under 6.2, you have to follow quite literally
> Did you do that?
>-- End of excerpt from furio ercolessi

I do not have the IDO loaded to this machine... So I used Ariel Faigon's gcc
( which was build with help of Martin
Knoblauch. So it should work (Apache compiled fine...). Do you have additional
tips? Please help!!! Thanks again for your first answer, I'm looking forward to
the second ;-) .

So long


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