Re: Squid changes for VM/NOVM...

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 97 09:42:50 -0700 writes:

>Silly question, but the patches for squid 1.1.11 are listed as follows:
> has incorrect defines for 'squid_srandom'
>long-dns-coredump.patch prevents coredumps from long, bogus DNS names.
> revalidate.patch from Mike Mitchell allows caching of responses when
>an 'Authorization' header was present in the request, and the response also
>includes the "proxy-revalidate" Cache-Control directive. This patch will
>not be added to the Squid-1.1.x source tree, but has been added to the
>Squid-1.2 source.
>Are these patches relivent for 1.1.11NOVM as well? Because they're not
>listed there.

The first two are already included in the NOVM source. I've updated
the NOVM page to explain this.

Duane W.
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