Problems during reload with servers inside firewall: bug in proto.c

From: Don Rolph <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 11:37:24 -0400

I had this problem under squid 1.1.5 and find that it is sort of fixed
in squid 1.1.11.

I am running squid 1.1.11 on a DEC OSF/1 3.0 system.

I have a heirarchy of squids, with the next squid up being the
firewall. If I load a page from a server inside the firewall all is
fine. If I go to reload, I get failure that the server can not be
located, with a link to the desired page. Clicking on the link opens
the page.

The problem is in proto.c I look in the 1.1.11 version of proto.c and
there is a variable NOT_SURE which almost fixes the problem.

The original line is:
    protoData->direct_fetch = DIRECT_NO

Defining NOT_SURE ads the line:
   protoData->direct_fetch = DIRECT_MAYBE

but doesn't disable the line

   protoData->direct_fetch = DIRECT_NO

The correct line in my testing is

   protoData->direct_fetch = DIRECT_MAYBE

So comment out the conditionals and the DIRECT_NO line in proto.c and
everything appears to be fine.


Don Rolph WD3 MS10-13 (508)-236-1263
Received on Wed Jul 02 1997 - 08:58:37 MDT

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