Re: File descriptor leaks; misc queries

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 18:07:36 +0100

(lots of good questions - i'll try and offer some ideas for some
of your points)

On Wed 2 Jul, 1997, WWW server manager <> wrote:
>(2) Again in cachemgr.cgi, is it standard/unavoidable (at least on Solaris
>2) that the "Resource usage section for squid" of the Cache Info page lists
>all zeroes for the values, with zeroes also in cache.log when it writes
>details as squid terminates? E.g.

this one's a Solaris issue - a program that has switched privileges can't get
at the information for getrusage() (at least, not without switching back from
what I remember.) Fixed for Solaris 2.6, or can be worked around in the code
concerned, ie Squid: I think the full answer's in the Solaris FAQ,

>(b) In access.log, I get a steady stream of UDP_DENIED entries for requests
>from my one ICP neighbour; most requests are OK, but around 3% are logged
>with the IP address in the access log instead of the hostname, and are
>rejected instead of being processed normally. (ICP queries are only allowed
>from that server, configured by hostname.)

I'm going to guess that you're seeing the effects of your neighbour having
more than one interface that is being transmitted out of, yet only one of its
addresses is in the DNS. The lookup on IP addresses is done when the neighbour
is configured, so it only recognises the adddresses that are in the DNS as
being the ones required. (You might, if this is the effect, also see logged
that you're receiving responses from caches you didn't ask.)

As to DNS reverse lookups, I really wouldn't be doing them at access time,
instead I prefer to log IP address only (default behaviour) and look them up
seperately, if I have to.

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