Re: Problems with 1.1.11 and Red Hat Linux 4.2

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 09:38:25 +0200


> Hi Folks. after two days squid dies and I can not restart it.
It seems like there is a problem with the kernel on this machine or
a hardware problem...

> Jul 7 23:35:03 baco kernel: Process squid (pid: 21590, process nr: 26,
> Jul 7 23:35:03 baco kernel: Call Trace: [ext2_lookup+341/364]
> [lookup+221/244] [dir_namei+156/300] [_namei+43/184] [namei+44/68]
> [sys_newstat+39/84] [system_call+85/124]

> Any ideias ?
I think that there is possibly a disk problem - note that it
is trying to find a file on disk - (ext2_lookup) and this is causing
the kernel to fail - I would suggest that you try put in a different
disk... you can do a strace of the squid process and see
what file it tries to open just before it dies...

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