Re: Work Around For COmmunicator

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 17:08:12 PDT

>Regarding TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH for popular sites: I am getting the same
>here running (old) Netscape 3.01. Especially: (Though
I can't
>explain why they are so popular ;-> ). Somebody else noticed or am I
>getting old ?

I believe Microsoft sends an 'Expires' header with a value of the
current time less a couple of seconds with every page it returns.
Why they do this is beyond comprehension, but I think their pretext
is to keep an accurate count of visitors (which they can't do if the
page is cached). I don't object, but I'm expecting a cheque from
Uncle Bill to pay for all the extra traffic ... :-)

As for the general TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH problem, I hadn't noticed it
because most of my hits are CGI scripts anyway, but I went back
through the logs, and sure enough, graphics and other objects that
should be cached are being refreshed all the time.

Duncan Anker
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