Re: ACL ban list

From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 09:55:44 +0100

} how do i implement an ACL ban list? say, i'd like to ban some sites
} that has *nude*, *sex* in the URL; or sites like,
}, etc. but i'd like to read it from a file so that i can just
} add the sites or URLs i want to ban to that file.

List of unwanted destination domains - ie etc
        acl block_domains dstdomain "/path/to/domain/file"

Incidently blocking the destination domain also causes a reverse lookup if
the URL given uses an IP address and the result of that is compared within
the acl.

You can put a set of regexps in a file in the same way -
        acl block_regexps url_regex "/path/to/regexp/file"

Basically if the acl target is in quotes its taken as a file name.

The file is *only* read on start/reconfig time.

On a related note... how do the dstdomain acls work with the splay/binary
tree code. Are they always searched sequentially or is the tree code used
to speed things up?


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