Squid 1.1.14 logging with redirector problem?

From: <awinfer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 12:38:41 +0100

Hi everybody,

Can someone please check me out here and assure me I not going crazy ...

I've been running Squid 1.0x thru Squid 1.1.8 on Linux 2.0.7 for a long
time (cool system!). I use a Perl redirector to do a few things including
re-writing URLs which match certain criteria. When the Perl redirector has
re-written the URL, the "new" URL gets logged to access.log as normal and I
can see that the rewrite has happened.

Now ... On installing Squid 1.1.14 this week, the log file doesn't seem to
reflect the rewrites (although they still get done), suggesting that the
logging happens BEFORE the redirector gets a look at the URL. It's a bit of
a pain because I used to run statistics from the re-written URLs in the

Anyway, is this a new "feature" with a good reason for it changing, an
unfortunate "side-effect" or some other unspecified mystery???!!!

Comments please,

Best regards,

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