Re: Non-ICP parent proxy

From: Gregory Borodiansky <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 02:29:23 +0300

David Richards wrote:
> It was my understanding that ICP is used between peers, not parents and
> children. Children use the HTTP to talk to their parents.
> Parent
> / \
> / \
> Child -- ICP -- Child
> Thats right??? isn't it??
 Not, at all. A peer can be either a parent, in which case it permits
to resolve misses(in other words, to use its "own" internet line) or a
sibling, in which case it's permitted to use only peer's cache. The ICP
is used(between Squid's) in both cases. Also, You cannot define a peer
to be used as a sibling if that peer does NOT support ICP(ie, is not a
Squid or Harvest, to my knowlege).

> Dave.

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