More on PURGE..

From: Robert Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 11:56:32 +1000

OK.. I'm still doing additions to my excessivly-wild-bandwitdth-reducer,
which trolls through squidlog and sticks anything over n bytes into my
redir directory. My problem is, is that any PURGE requests sent to the
proxy server are being redirected as well. Is this fixed in 1.2? Has
anyone done a patch?

The reason I need this functionality is that the way my program works is

read a line from squidlog.
is it bigger than 'n'?
wget it, stick it into REDIR
purge the original URL (so it doesn't take up unnecessary disk space)

The problem is, the PURGE request is being passed to redir, as if it
was a normal GET or POST command. Redir is saying "Aaaha! I have this.
you -really- want this url!".. And the original URL isn't being
purged. Wasted space. Bleh.

Anyway, if I don't get an answer in a few hours, I'll go write a patch

I know, I know, I should be sending this to squid-developers, but, I'm not
subbed to it, and I'm sure most of the developers are sub'ed here anyway.

Also, I don't need everyone telling me what a bad idea this is because
winzip, whatever the version is, is called 'winzip95.exe'. I thought about
it, and decided that me going through 14 gig of proxy, and not having
minor problems with stupid naming schemes, was a lot harder than doing it
all automatically, and having a problem with 2 or 3 programs who's author's
can't count.

                                                        --Robert Thomas
                                                        RP Internet Services

PS: To any ISP's. Holy SHIT aren't digital modems expensive!!! I'm in the
middle of buying 60 and am distinctly un-impressed with the prices of them.
You'd think they'd be cheaper than normal modems, but, as it's new, it's
expensive. *sigh*
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