Re: Why does squid not use setsid()?

From: Frederic Olivie <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 14:44:23 +0200

This is a very simple issue,

If squid was using setsid, it would detach itself from it's process
group leader, that is, the shell script that called him.

Then, we wouldn't have anymore the auto-relaunch scheme when the process
dies unintentionnaly, or when u kill it for any reason.

This functionality is provided by the shell script : RunCache.

More than that, if u runned squid with RunCache, and it would setsid()
itself, then RunCache would try to launch other instances of the same
process till it dies complaining for too many launches in a small period
of time..... Etc.... Etc... With all side effects.

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