Last bit on PURGE from me, and a request for some testers..

From: Robert Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 22:04:04 +1000

As an update on my post of earlier this morning, I sat down for a bit, and
was poking around the code trying to find out where all the redirection
is done.. And I found the bit of code that actually speaks to the redirector.
I wasn't looking for it, but, somehow I got there.. Anyway. My life suddenly
became happy. Squid -tells- the redirector what method it's using. My
redirector now happily ignores any PURGE requests, and my life is once again

There's one good thing about this project of mine. I've finally grasped
pointers! (I think 8).. I can compile code with -Wall and it doesn't
error (much, anyway 8) Woohoo.

Anyway. Anyone interested in fiddling with this code? If I get some
positive responses, I'll tidy it up, and put all the wget patches
together and make it happy. I'm not really sure if I want to do this,
because you're all going to laugh at it. Well. Life's like that.

For anyone who's interested, this program rummages through your squidlog,
looking for files which are sized over a certain amount. (900k was a number
I picked out of a hat, which seems to work reasonably well). This then
copies those files (well, requests them using wget) to your redir
directory, and sends a purge to your squid. No extra disk usage! Woohoo!
This makes the task of hot-file admin a lot easier, and automates it a lot.
I'm going to start running it every night, and see how it goes. It also
goes through and sends a PURGE to your proxy of any URL's coming from
your domain.. This may not suit some people, but, for most ISP's, it
will be useful not to fill up their disk space with stuff that is
already stored locally. Of course, this will be fixed when (if?) the
squid-devel guys stick in a do-not-cache-stuff-from-here option, or,
make the local_domain tag stop caching. But. That's neither here nor

                                        --Robert Thomas
                                        RP Internet Services

(And no! I'm not going to give it to my competitors in sydney! Buy yer own
bloody bandwidth! *grin*)
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