NFS Mounting cache / Multiple Disks

From: Niall Doherty <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:59:24 +0100


We've got a hierarchy of squid caches on the Ericsson internal
network. I've been running Squid/1.1.11 for some time now (2
months) and I've had no problems at all with it.

I'm using an Axil Ultima 1/170 (same as Ultra 1) with Solaris 2.5.1.
I've been running it with the logs stored on the local hard disk
and with 2 4GB disks NFS mounted off an Auspex NetServer 7000/700
used for the cache. I was initially sceptical about NFS mounting
the disks but I've got a 100Mbit/sec link between the Auspex
and the squid server and I've not noticed any performance problems
at all. (Both the Auspex and the Ultima are wired into the same
Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch). I was wondering if anyone else out
there is NFS mounting off another machine like this ? I was
planning to get some local disks but this setup suits fine as is.
(I've 1000+ local users and 7 siblings).

Also, I'm not striping the disks. I'm using them as two separate
cache dirs. Presently squid is writing nice and evenly to the two
disks. If I have a disk crash and I replace the disk, I'll have
one disk almost full and the other empty. Is squid smart enough
to figure this out ? or would I have to wipe the cache with the
-z option and start again ?

Would there be much benefit in striping the disks ? The cache
objects are relatively small so I didn't think there would be
much point in doing so.


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