Thinking about ICP

From: Joao Carlos Mendes Luis <>
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 00:41:13 -0300 (EST)


  Although ICP over UDP/IP allows use of multicast querying, it lacks
congestion control. In fact, it could over-congestion an external
link to a point that instead of getting a better usage of bandwidth
you would end up with an unusable backbone.

  Are there plans to put ICP (or something similar) over TCP/IP ?
If not, could we start thinking about this ? One single conection
to each sibling and parent would probably do the best job.

  Optimizations to this TCP pipe would be:

  1) Detecting lost links, and reconecting them after some time.
  2) Detect over-congestion (queue always full, blocking socket I/O) on
     one link and taking some control action (which ?).
  3) ICP over TCP proxy. (humm...) Since we'll no more have
     multicast support, we could have some kind of exploder
     to run at network mesh nodes, simulating a multicast tree.

  Any comments ?


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